Dear Reader


There are a few things for me to say about this blog before I start posting my thoughts to the world. First I would like to point out is this blog is in no way connected to that chick flick “Letters to Juliet”. The second I created this blog I realized these two things may get connected. I have not now and never intend to see this movie, and this blog has nothing to do with such nonsense as said chick flick. The second thing I would like to inform you of are my intentions. My friend encouraged me to begin a blog. Not because I’m a grand writer and should therefore post my thoughts to the world. Nay, in fact, I possess little skill in writing, and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy it. But my main influence for writing has alway been in the academic sense. So I don’t really know how I feel about writing when I am given the freedom to express my own thoughts. So we shall see how this goes.

As you may have noticed, I am chosing to set this blog up in letter format. This is partly because I feel I need some type of structure, and also because I’m still a big believer in writing notes instead of emails, and looking things up in a real dictionary and not on Call me old-fashioned, I know I’m on the odd side of the fence when it comes to technology.

You may be wondering what I intend to write on. Well, that’s a lovely question. It’s right up there with what I will do after I graduate. the short answer being, I don’t really know. But I am looking forward to the ability to come up with ideas and post about them. My interests fall within the cultural spectrum, in both senses of the word. Culture as in fine art and snooty things like Shakespeare, and culture as in a group of people who have learned and shared patterns of behavior and the material goods that come from that behavior. (this second definition is taken from Professor Stamps. Thank you sir for constantly sticking that in my brain). My interest in culture is my springboard for my Cultural Anthropology degree that I will be getting in December 2011 (yes, that’s this December).

So, with this broad knowledge of my interests, you could expect posts about things of culture. Also, there will from time to time probably be posts addressed to God. Theology is another of my passions. I do have belief in God, and Jesus (cementing me in as a Christian), and with this belief there will no doubt be some form of commentary about something I’ve read in the Bible or The Daily Bread that day.

I don’t want to limit myself in topics though, so I may go off the wall sometimes with my subjects. But I wanted to warn you, dear Reader, of what you may be getting yourself into with this blog. I hope I’m interesting, I hope my thoughts make sense, and I hope you enjoy my blog. I don’t know how often I’ll post, I’m out of school for the time, so that should leave me with plenty of time for posting. But I’m not going to set a schedule right now, because I don’t need such pressure.

Hope to write again soon,


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