Dear Mr. Schultz

On the road to adulthood I stopped in at your imaginary world every once in a while. The Peanuts where one of my favorite comics growing up. They were always positive (kind of), never dirty or unkind, and life always seemed better in that two-dimensional world. I used to watch your program on television when I was young. It was a routine, on the lineup of must-watch comics for the day. Then, once they took your work off the air I began collecting your comic books. Not a grand collection mind you, I think I have about three or four of them in the basement. But they were my go-to entertainment for a while.

The comic above is by far my favorite of yours. I don’t know what your obsession was with the Zamboni but this isn’t the only comic strip you used them in. None  the less I find it humorous.  I always read this with a touch of anxiety in my mind. I feel this is the mood that you would have wanted it read.

The other reason this comic is my favorite is because, in my opinion, Snoopy and Woodstock were the best characters in your comics. I’ve spent several a class sitting and drawing Woodstock in the margins of my notes. Such a cute little bird. In all honesty, this feeling of like toword a feathery friend, whether comic or not, is amazing. I hate birds, they tend to get in my way, diving in font of my car while I drive, or waking me up at 5 am with their chirping. But Woodstock, well, he’s different, he’s got it figured out.

I mean, Look at him:



Of course, you know this, you created him.

Another thing I loved about your comics was that our works seemed to cite Christian themes, such as love and kindness. Linus often brough that out in your comics, quoting the Bible, or telling Bible stories. Although you walked away from your faith toward the end, it was still cool to see references to Christian life in a comic.

This is a good one.

Thank you for creating such works, I’ve enjoyed being a Peanuts reader my whole life. And although I’m not as committed as I once was, I still say thank you.


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