This is the place where I’m supposed to tell you all kinds of interesting things about myself.

Well, I can tell you that my name is Dana, but most people don’t hear me when I tell them, so then they think my name is Diana, or Deanna, or Dora, or some such nonsense. However, if it’s an honest mistake, I’ll likely respond to these names because they don’t know any better, and it’s my fault for not speaking up. luckily because this is written and not spoken I don’t have to worry about you mis-pronouncing my name.

I suppose this is enough nonsense for now. Although people really do mispronounce my name, there are more interesting things to tell you.

Let’s start with why I’m writing this blog.

If you look at post my first ever post you will see a short explanation as to why I am writing and what I will write about. I don’t feel a deep need to go back into that here.

Now, for interests. Well that too is covered in my first post, but I will humor you and delve a little deeper into the world of Dana. My main interests fall in cultures. People’s of different places, the things they do, the religions they practice, the reason they do what they do and what they use to do what they do. You see, I’m a Cultural Anthropology major at OU, and I will be graduating this December (2011). One of my main interests that goes hand-in-hand with cultures is traveling. I’ve been to Guatemala and Kenya both for missions trips and they were the most interesting and life changing events of my life. This summer I’m getting the privilege of going to Israel for an archeological dig through my school. I take flight June 10th, and I could use your prayers both now and when I”m over there. I land back home on July the 4th. 

Other than my interests in international things I’m also interested in art, paintings mainly. Classical paintings, but I”m learing to accept more modern art. Some favorite artists are Vermeer, Van Gogh, Pollock, and Seurat. But these are just a few of the many. My idea of good times and a great date is going to an art museum. actually, any museum really is a good date.   

There are more things to say, things about my faith, things about my family, other things. But for now, I bid  you fairwell 

I hope you enjoy the reading.

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